17 setembro 2010

I gotta keep strong before the pain turns into fear

“He walks away
The sun goes down
He takes the day, but I’m grown”

He left and I couldn’t go along. The bus moved and I couldn’t stop it like those movies scenes.

There was nothing to do but play my old game, the “guess your own feeling” game. I went to the beach and felt bad, miserable, lucky and lonely. Inside my pockets there was some nice money so I felt I didn’t need to worry about nothing else but the game.

I wasn’t sad.

I wasn’t regretting choices.

I was at another process of learning that my life is not easy to me and wouldn’t
spare anyone around – it’s a circle of doing things by my own comprehension of them.

Why me? Why here? Why all this?
- Cause if it wasn’t this way I wouldn’t be satisfied.