09 julho 2010

eu sou o samba

Para ler ouvindo: Não tenho medo da morte (Gilberto Gil)

I’m not the kind of guy who likes to wear shoes. I like my sand. I like earth. I’m not into the fancy stuff. But I’m cool when it comes. If it comes. Don't need to seek for it. Champagne get me sleepy, drugs gets me bored, money matters when it comes to friends. I'm not fashion. I like simple things and gifts and specially the ones that can’t be bought. A sign that I worth a million dollars worth a million dollars.
I cry.
I like crying sometimes. Sometimes is when I know that a moment is so rich andI'm so grateful of living it that I can't really express anyway, can't be happier than that.
I laugh.
Sometimes I think I’ll die laughing. Worried a few times about dying. Now, when it comes the time to think about it, I just think I'll die laughing. It makes me laugh. Can’t be serious anytime, anyway, anywhere. It makes me look ugly. It makes the world turn gray. Serious is not having sun, not having food, energy.  
I love.
And when it's cold, it makes me warm. When I fear something, makes it go away. Rock’n'roll way of love. I love so much that hurts. That’s the way I know. Let it bleed, let it roll until it hits me so strong... I fall. Love to love, love to hurt, love to feel.
I sing.
It’s so obvious as breathe. Once asked for Billie Holliday If she knew how to sing, she answered: “Of course I know how to sing, Who doesn’t?”